MacGruber – the cas review!

I am aware that this Blog is starting to look like a film review – but it’s kind of what I’m doing a lot of right now.

However, as far as time goes, another cinematic distaster – “MacGruber” – highly rated in Metro, and originally part of the “Saturday Night Live” stable of “skits”.

We’re talking “Airplane’ with xrated language and tongue in cheek graphic gore. Written and starring Will Forte who plays the main protagonist MacGruber and a fat Val Kilmer (he was so drop dead gorgeous in “The Saint”), as the baddie. My main problem was that Will Forte’s face reminded me of an 1970’s English comedian called Kenny Everett, (minus the facial hair) who – sorry – made me squirm, and so after I’d made that connection, the film didn’t really stand a chance; oh and coupled with the fact that MacGruber is a totally obnoxious, self centred narcissistic idiot with no social filter and who comes out with the kind of stuff you’d expect to hear from a 10 year old tantrum child. Maybe that’s the appeal of this film; McGruber is outrageous. He reminds me of the tramp who stands on the street corner and swears at everybody passing! (believe me there’s one of these in every city).

I am willing to admit that I seem to be in the minority; the audience LOVED it and sat in their seats clapping right through the credit scenes – what’s with the clapping over on this side of the continent,It’s not a live show – I was the first to leave/run out of the theatre. My bad!

One thing I do know – this film would appeal to my husband and teenage son.

Moral of this blog – I am most definitely not a good judge of the general appeal of movies. Go to a proper source of you want to see a professional well thought out film critique!

Over and Out


One thought on “MacGruber – the cas review!

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to be lowbrow. Maybe I was just in the right mood, but this had me giggling consistently, with several outright guffaws. Included one of the funniest sex scenes I’ve ever seen. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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