Sex & The City 2(much)

Sex & The City 2(much)

Funny how more people seem to be aware of the existence of this film, than know (or care) what is happening with the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico – doesn’t that speak to a world with its priorities all wrong?

Speaking of priorities and back on topic, the whole SATC film seemed to hinge around Samantha’s –  (priorities that is), which was to cheat the ageing process by swallowing a vat of pills on a daily basis and applying creams to unspeakable places whilst sitting in a floor to ceiling glass office (and with a glass desk) – too much information.

Those damn hormones it seemed were absolutely pivotal to the action (I won’t say plot because there wasn’t much of one. The first SATC film was better in that respect (in my opinion).

There was, in fairness a thread of a storyline embedded in Carries narration throughout the film. Hinging around married couples (gay or straight) setting their own marriage boundaries this was possibly the most adult concept of a film, which for once showed Carrie throw all the toys out of her pram on more than one occasion.

Anyway back to Samantha – maybe I’m a little obsessed with this character, being that we are around the same age. Logically, she‘s the one I should most identify with (especially in the menopause stakes). As usual – and we wouldn’t have it any other way would we? –  she is still single and childless, and her ultimate priority in life aside from the aforementioned scarfing of hormonal supplements, is to continue bagging as many hot men as possible, as if in a bid to preserve the illusion of youth.

Well of course as many of you will know, as regards the latter, I too have the same compulsions as Samantha: dressed entirely in couture, outfitted by Holt Renfrew and the high end stores on Bloor East (Harvey Nicks and Browns to my UK friends), barely having to flex a toe muscle in my 5’ Manolos (or is it Laboutins – God keeping up with the trends is so dreary), as I am whisked from fashion show, to film premiere by a private chauffeur. Men! –  I spot a target, zoom in, focus and with a flash of my dimple and a salacious twitch of the lips (fully glossed of course) they make a beeline for me. A timely delivery of one of my stock of blatantly sex charged innuendos should seal the deal and boom or should I say bang……………

I know, I just can’t help it – it’s that alpha female thing – high success; high sex drive and high maintenance…………………..

And (my Teachers did say never start a sentence with and but it always seems so appropriate) I’ll say it again, it should have been comforting to watch these ladies struggle with the ageing process and the life changing issues/events as oneself – we’ve all grown old together after all. But, (and it’s a big BUT), that’s part of the difficulty I had with the film. If you are a normal individual, maybe married with a couple of kids, or even single and of a certain age – if you’re under 30 you don’t count in this scenario because you can still aspire to these lofty heights –  it’s almost impossible to relate to the sheer fabulousness of those lives. During one scene Miranda and Charlotte (who have been doing a touch of maternal bonding over sip and tell cocktails), raise their glasses to Mothers who manage without full-time help – hello!!!!

My initial and immediate take on the film was that it was totally inappropriate for the age we live in, especially following the last couple of years of economic meltdowns, and the film does reference this along the way as a justification for where it’s taking us. It all seemed too opulent and obscene and even – dare I say it – a bit tacky. The outfits were larger than life – check out the silver/gold spray painted hedgehogs that Samantha wore on her shoulders in a nightclub scene, and the gold life rings she had in her ears on the private plane. Don’t get me started on Carrie’s outfits – WHAT was that thing on her head when she boarded the plane, it looked like a huge flattened stork’s nest mashed up with toilet paper; and why would you wear a taffeta ball skirt to trail around an Abu Dhabi souk!!!!!  More importantly – how does she sightsee in those 5” heels – now I AM envious.

The jury is out as to the political correctness of some of the Abu Dhabi scenes although many nods are given to appropriateness and convention via Miranda throughout them. A little too clichéd for comfort here, and maybe not likely to do much for east/west relations.

But maybe that’s the point. I guess from time to time, everybody needs that bit of fabulousness, that couple of hours to escape into another world. From the opening shots of glittering New York to the glittering diamond Big gives to Jessica at the end of the film, this film absolutely dazzled.  


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2 thoughts on “Sex & The City 2(much)

  1. That’s why my hubby won’t go to see this movie with me. If you are going to see it again, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just read your review again and save myself some $$$. Is it really so over the top?

    • hey girlie – didn’t see you’d commented; you know what, I’ve seen it twice already as two separate girlfirends wanted a viewing companion; ordinarily I just toddle off to these movies as the whim takes me. For example tonight I saw Cyrus at Varsity – John C Reilly, Catherine Keener, Jonah Hill and Marisa Tomei – excellent and under publicised. The acting was superb albeit a little overdone in certain quarters, with mostly spot-on timing; great use of loaded pauses; you could feel the tension created by the dynamics of the plot – I won’t spoil it for you; and the shooting techinique – well almost like fly on the wall doc with jerky zoom-ins to capture emotion. Probably a more intelligent use of your $$$ – unlike superficial saps like me who get talked into seeing a certain movie twice!!!!!!!!!

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