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Unfettered with a weekend without the old ball and chain (sorry sweetie), so free to watch as much gratuitous crap as I want when I want – I at least have to show some modicum of discernment when the hubby around. I decided at the last moment to go and see two movies back to back, which is a luxury as I am usually too time-starved.
So lets review one for now:
I started at the AMC in the Toronto Life building off Dundas Square, well actually I started upstairs with a salad and drink on the patio of “Jack Astors “because I like being several floors up looking over the square, the Eaton centre and all the neon lights and video displays. It reminds me of Piccadilly Circus in London.
Katherine Heigl playing um Katherine Heigl 
Ashton – no man has the right to such cheek bones –  Kutcher.
Tom Sellick – yep he’s still alive and kicking
Here’s the plot in 2 minutes so if you haven’t seen it and intend to, sign off this blog now:
Boy doing his Roger Moore thing against the backdrop of Nice
Boy meets girl
Girl – recently dumped and daughter of over-protective Father
Father – a much older Tom Sellick who rocked as Magnum – where has he been all these years?
Mother attractive in a quirky way, vague and verging on alcoholism (cos that’s really funny!!!)
Girl only ever wears white (in all her movies) as it sets off her dazzling teeth.
Boy tries to leave secret services as no longer believes he is killing just the baddies – you don’t say!!
Boy warned he can never leave
Girl says something cute and funny
Cut to scenes of married bliss in deepest suburbia – yawn
Girl successful sales-person  – more yawning
Boy works as an architect/consultant – the career of choice for every ex spy
Lots of scenes involving ditsy cutsey neighbours and colleagues – sigh
Boy gets reactivated by old boss – ouch
Smashing up of home, crashing through windows and shooting former best friends
Girl discovers boy’s “secret”
Boy discovers there is a contract out on him
Girl says something cute and funny
Lots of car crashes
More shooting
Girl says something cute and funny – again
Smashing up office and fights involving former work colleague
Girl says something cute and funny
More car chases
Street fair – oh God
More shooting
Father joins in – what?
Neighbours join in – really?
More fighting
More shooting – just shoot me now
Father put the contract out on son-in-law and activated all the sleeping cells (neighbours and work colleagues)
What the hell………
Well if you get that far with the movie then you’ll find out
point made, I think
Over and out


Get him to the Greek
From William Morris to Cabbage Town
Society Cut-ups
Mama Mia
Coffee in the Sky

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