The Distillery Christmas Market 3-12 December 2010

A Christmas street market which celebrating the traditional sights, sounds and scents of Christmas and modeled on the European Christmas markets originating in Germany in the early 1400’s.
You know the ones, all tiny timber-framed Bavarian looking booths, bedecked with Christmas foliage and lights.
Presented by “ Lowes” this one works particularly well in the Distillery area of Toronto with it’s cobbled streets and huge brick-built Victorian era buildings.
As you enter the market from the main gates you are greeted by the sight of a canopy of lights festooned from the buildings on each side to the street with the backdrop of the forty-foot high tree, located in Trinity Square. The stage beside the Christmas tree is home to he parade of Carolers, Bavarian brass band concerts, classical organ concerts, trumpeters and children’s choirs.
Beer and mulled wine (Gluhwein) gardens are in most of the restaurants forecourts with either gas burners or fire bowls providing the heating.
The Ferris wheel is kind of cute but be warned if the cue is more than about 15 people you will need to stand around in sub zero temperatures for around 30 minutes or more depending upon how many seats the operator decides to leave vacant  I counted 4 empty pods on each ride cycle – must be a weight distribution thing cos there were some very tiny tots riding alone. Shame they decided to site the Ferris Wheel towards the east and therefore looking over the Gardner Expressway rather than at the stupendous Downtown/Cn Tower skyline. Didn’t “twig” that till I got on the ride.
For the kids there is the ubiquitos Santa’s Lane featuring a fairy tale forest maze, Santa’s house, Rudolph’s reindeer zoo,and children’s story telling, Santa’s elves workshop, a gingerbread house and Santa Mail.
Go enjoy before it finishes this weekend.
Christmas Fair at The Distillery Dec 3-12 (noon till 8pm daily)
Over & Out

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