NEWSFLASH ON THIS TOPIC See page 36 of today’s Toronto Metro 14 April for most up to the minute write up on this show
The Screaming Begins April 1st Brace Yourself & Buy Tickets Now! 
WARNING: Please be advised that Ghost Stories contains moments of extreme shock and tension. The show is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 14. We strongly advise those of a nervous disposition to think very seriously before attending 
Promotional blurb showing black and white shots of a very scared looking audience, and poster advertisements in the papers asking “Are You Brave Enough”
Talk about throwing down the gauntlet – the “tease”  advertising strategy always works with me
It’s not possible to glean any information from the Mirvish website or the show program itself so I simply had to find out what all this was about 
Making it’s debut fresh from the UK’s West End, this show is the brainchild of Jeremy Dyson (some of my British readers may be familiar with his work as co-creator and performer in cult series “The League of Gentlemen” and co-writer of the hilarious” Armstrong and Miller show”); Andy Nyman (a magician practicing mentalism and co-creator of “Something Wicked this way comes”) and Sean Holmes the Director of the Lyric theatre in London – home of the original “Ghost Stories” production. “A Local show for Local People” this is not!
Showing at the Panasonic on Yonge Street, this show is all about atmosphere and building suspense. Even the bar areas have been painted to resemble dank dark stone spaces with murder scene safety tape painted across the bar and actual tape festooning the similarly painted auditorium. The whole theatre reverberates with the sound of white noise and echoing dripping water (coming from somewhere…… )
You enter the theatre, you immediately enter the set.
AND of course you DON”T know what you’ve let yourself in for.……….
I didn’t even take my coat off in case I suddenly remembered I had to go home and wash my hair!
I NEVER pay to see horror flicks – correction I NEVER watch horror flicks so this genre is most definitely out of my comfort zone. I have however always had a fascination with the paranormal, and like my brother and Mother have a reputation for sensing “presences” in buildings although I have NEVER actually seen anything…..
One of my best friends in the UK (you know who you are sweetie) really freaks me out as she appears to have a psychic hotline to the other side. She is one amazing individual and she would probably laugh her socks off throughout a performance of this ilk – although visual and sound effects aside she might have some real understanding of the plotline twist.
So sitting in the audience, having been wished “good luck” by one of the ushers; drinking whisky on ice (the hard stuff at only 7pm!!), the show opens innocently enough with a parapsychologist giving a lecture to an audience about the nonsense of ghost stories and the fact that there are always scientific and logical explanations for sightings of so called paranormal activity.
After all the sinister and menacing pre-performance audio and visual effects you could almost hear the audience visibly relax, and the show continued for about 10 minutes accompanied by occasional nervous tittering  in the audience in response to some of the mostly inane dialogue. “titter ye not” (thankyou Frankie Howerd). You could feel the delicious  (not really) feeling of  expectation – any moment now………
WARNING – DO NOT RELAX………………………………………… This is a visual, audio and sensory ‘freak-out”.
They should sell souvenir “are You Brave Enough” cushions to squeeze – seriously guys – a missed marketing opportunity methinks.
But on the other hand – remember that I am an all-out drama Queen.
My husband  – who only went because he loved the especially dark and humour of “The League of Gentlemen” wasn’t especially super impressed although he also jumped out of his skin a couple of times. Can’t fault the special effects.
He does have some nasty nail indents in his arm as a souvenir of the evening………….
The show runs until April 17, and there’s even a midnight show on Friday
“The Armstrong & Miller” show

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