Yorkville Suzy

You cannot email her; she doesn’t “tweet”, she doesn’t have a website or a blog, in fact she is totally disconnected electronically.
But Suzy does her social networking in person and is probably one of the most “connected” people on the planet – connected that is at the most fundamental human level.
Known as “the scarf lady” of Yorkville, Suzy puts herself out there – literally – on the lane-ways of “label label” Yorkvillle and tells her stories through her tiny self-published books depicting Yorkville life before the high-end, high-rise invasion.
If you are not drawn to this tiny fine -boned vivacious ultra chic lady of indeterminate years, I would be amazed. She is not the type you would expect to approach you on the streets – in fact I thought she had stepped out of one of the street’s designer boutiques and was handing me a brochure.
She approached me ever so prettily with her huge smile and her “Twiggy” seventies-pretty eyes; stylish, immaculately dressed and made-up to perfection, she absolutely shone, She explained that she’d stopped me because I looked “artsy and hip”! translate that as scruffy and obviously not of from this area!
Anyway good start – I’ll take that……
Before I knew it I was listening intently as she deftly wove her stories of street folk and buskers, hippies and celebrities, the bohemian Toronto “Carnaby street” era of the 60’s, back-dropped by the landscape changes between then and now.
If you are at all curious about the more recent changes that Toronto has undergone and the impact of these changes on the tiny neighborhood and itinerant personalities of the Yorkville area, then you should seek out Suzy and her books
Or if you happen to be standing in the vicinity of Zaza espresso bar on the corner of Yorkville Avenue and Bellair Street, she will find you….
Over and out

3 thoughts on “Yorkville Suzy

  1. These are the kind of inspiring people I love to meet. They just remind you of how interesting people can be and they give you hope that there still are people out there filled with life. Thank you for sharing this 🙂 another reminder that the universe always provides what you need in unexpected ways

    • That exactly how I think too. I am attracted to the quirky, the out of kilter, the fun, the fabulous and the not so fabulous folk. I am curious about people, their lives, their passions, what makes them tick and I really strive hard to listen carefully Yorkville Suzy is a gutsy fearless damaged butterfly with chutzpah and style. I haven’t seen her lately so I hope that is still the case. I wish I’d asked to to take a photograph of her – she had a face to match the persona! Thanks for taking the time to comment

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