Postcards from The Gardiner – Twelve Trees

This year all the trees are inspired by the theme “A Child’s Christmas” – celebrating Christmas Traditions and festivals around the world.

The exhibition is on until December 9 – see
Cost is $15 except on half price Fridays

.and whilst you are there check out the “Go East” exhibition on the top floor which includes an amazing “chinese whispers’ inspired project involving 101 artists from across China; 101 identically shaped porcelain vases and a single theme.
The first vase was hand painted – using the traditional blue and white (cobalt) – to a specification/brief.
A blueprint of that vase plus a “spec” went to the second artist who painted a similar vase and sent only a picture of his vase plus the original “spec” and so on until you get to the 101′ nth vase.
Did vase number 1 and vase no 101 look anything like each other?
And how did the appearance of the vases in between evolve?
You’ll have to see for yourself!
oh yeah and look out for a part of that exhibition entitled “Spode’s Conceit” – Neat…..
Over and Out

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