Stop Press – My picks of cool upcoming “Don’t miss” Experiences” in Toronto

Of course this is not an exhaustive list (you’d need to read “Now” cover to cover for weeks for that sort of detail) and doesn’t include the Stratford,& Shaw Festivals and summer contenders like Caribana, Canadian Stage Shakespeare in High Park etc. The following is stuff that is either upcoming, doesn’t fit a particular genre or which maybe a little out of the ball park.

Going going gone – Until Saturday June 1 at the Yonge centre “Video Cabaret” perform this incredibly original interpretation of the “War of 1812”. One chapter in Michael Hollingsworth’s epic 21-part play-cycle, “The History of the Village of the Small Huts” this has to be seen even if you are not into Canadian History. A cross between Punch and Judy, Spitting Image and a Restoration comedy you will be blown away by this intimate theatrical production

Agatha Christies -“The Mousetrap”
Originally commissioned by the BBC in 1952 to celebrate Queen Mary’s 80th birthday- Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap is the longest running play in the history of live theatre. Celebrating over 60 years of continuous performance it is currently playing at Lower Ossington theatre till June 19
Phone: 416-915-6747

“The Sonnet Show” at Montgomery’s Inn
Montgomery’s Inn is the century old Inn that is home to the Humber River Shakespeare Co.
14 lines – A Shakespeare sonnet serves as an inspiration for a new play
14 days – A writer to write the play
14 minutes – each new play will run 14 minutes
Different eh?
Everything we’ve seen these guys do has been a blast so this should be no exception.
May 24

The Scriptease show is coming to the Tank House theatre in June. Both Naomi Sniekus and Matt Baram (collectively The National Theatre of the World) are seasoned improv artists and Second City alumni.
They do a progressive improv show at the John Candybox Theatre on Peter Street on Friday nights where beside their own brand of brilliant “seat of your pants” comedy they showcase new and promising acts.
The Scriptease show has been running for a few years on and off in some of Toronto’s most interesting theatre spaces such as “Passe Muraille” and the now defunct “Bread & Circus” stage.
Here’s how it works: they ask ten well known playwrights to write the first two pages of a play. They do a cold reading of the two pages and then improvise the rest of the play. They are in costume and there’s a set.

“Book of Mormon”
Currently playing, this irreverently witty, camp and gobsmackingly politically incorrect stage show is a collaboration between South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez (so you get the picture right?) playing at the Princess of Wales theatre until June 9.
Look out for the welcoming committee of suited and booted young Mormons recruiting outside the theatre before each show!…/thebookofmormon

The Tall Ships are visiting Toronto Harbour in June
To see our modern skyline vying with the jumble of masts from tall ships berthed on Toronto Harbour is unforgettable!
Don’t miss the official launch of the TALL SHIPS® 1812 Tour. 20-23 June 2013.
Toronto will be the only port to host the full fleet of ships as they travel throughout Ontario during this pan-provincial event to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. .
For more info See my blog “The Tall Ships have left Toronto harbour written after their last visit in July 2010.

Free Movies at Yonge/Dundas Square
One of Toronto’s many free outdoor summer movie pop-ups opens at City Yonge Dundas Square end June through August.
Edward Scissorhands/ Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman and other off the wall movies
Free start at 9pm Tuesdays

Oh and if you’re into ZeppelinTribute band Zeppelinesque play Yonge Dundas square on July 19 as part of Indiefest

Summer Music Series at “Casa Loma”
The wonderful homegrown ballad -maker Jesse Pitcher pitches up on June 25 at Casa Loma as part of their Summer Music series
Oh and for Fathers Day how about becoming a Knight for the day? – also at Casa Loma
Plus you can also learn archery, bee keeping, or track ghosts there this summer
Just sayin…….
See website for details

The Warplane Heritage Museum – Hamilton
It’s “fly in a WW2 plane” experience begins in June. There are around 16 warplanes that you can book a flight on, with the iconic Lancaster bomber being at the top of the tree. For a cool $2800 or so (with tax receipt) you can have an hour’s flight on the only passenger operating Lancaster in the world!!
She and the other aircraft start flying June 1 but a warning: the Lancaster’s flying days are numbered – she is almost at her sell-by date. For more info visit my blog on the museum “Bombs Away” 18 September 2012 or visit

Coming in October at the Yonge Centre – “The Norman Conquest trilogy”
This Alan Ayckbourne trilogy (written in 1973) has lost none of its freshness and appeal because it’s subject matter – the human condition remains unchanged no matter which century.
6 characters take the stage in three different plays that take place on the same weekend in different parts of the house and garden
Each play “Table Manners”, “Living Together” and “Round and Round the Garden” – is self-contained, and may be watched in any order, some of the scenes overlap, and on occasion a character’s exit from one play corresponds with his/her entrance in another.

Oh and for any “I Love Lucy fans, some of the antics of the feisty red-headed iconic heroine are being showcased in the upcoming “I Love Lucy” stage show in November

Over and Out




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