Toronto’s most unusual dining venue – Part 1 – Dining with a view

Toronto is the most multicultural city on the planet and as such dining adventures that take you round the globe are easy to find. But hidden amongst the usual contingent of multicultural culinary cuisines are a number of more off-the-wall unexpected dining venues as defined by view, location and food. In the first of this 3 part blog the following places to eat top the list as having the most spectacular views of Toronto

360 Restaurant
Make no mistake, whilst the CN Tower IS a top tourist destination. the food and service in the stunning “360” restaurant is not your usual revolving restaurant “get em in and get em out” location. The spectacular gently rotating 360 degree kaleidoscope views of Toronto perspectives is supported by a top notch great value menu; classy ambience and professionally executed service. A quintessential Toronto “must do”
Phone: (416) 362-5411

Mariposa Dinner Cruise
Watch the setting sun bathe Toronto’s spectacular skyline in a reflected glow as you cruise, dine and dance the night away (with a live DJ) aboard one of the Mariposa Cruise Lines fleet of 7 vessels.
More of an overall entertainment experience (over 3 hours on board) than a gourmet foodie destination as dinner is served buffet style

Palais Royal
Waterfront Wednesdays at the recently restored and revived Palais Royale
Immerse yourself in the ambience of a bygone era on the waterfront patio of Toronto’s original 1920’s jazz/swing venue.
Every Wednesday evening from July 3 -September 4, the 4000 sq foot patio is transformed into a glittering canopied al fresco jazz, dining and dancing space – cool lake breezes; stunning views of the city to the east; the sun setting over the lake to the west ……
Dress up!
see website for details




Next – Dining – Location, Location, Location


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