Toronto’s Most Unusual Dining Venues Part 3 – for the Experience

Sultan's Tent

Sultan’s Tent (Photo credit: Henna Sooq)




O ‘Noir
Led by a blind host into the blanketing darkness ( were talking black and some!)” of the dining room puts all your other senses on high alert particularly when it comes to tasting food you cannot see!
This may appear to be a sort of voyeurism without vision but you can enjoy this most unique sensory culinary experience knowing that it is a dining concept with a conscience – set up to give sighted folk an insight into the world of the blind and in this respect it totally delivers.

Mysteriously Yours
How about dinner served with dash of innuendo and a hint of murder.
This is nicely done, fast-paced and lewdly witty and with minimal humiliation reserved for those set up by friends and family prior to the evening!
The food is incidental when booking a dinner venue like this; however it is surprisingly good and when coupled with the dinner- long entertainment, great value for money.

Sultans Tent and Cafe Moroc
Midnight at the Oasis in downtown Toronto. Immerse yourself in the exotic culture of North Africa and enjoy an exuberant evening of belly-dancing entertainment and exquisite delicately seasoned Moroccan fare amidst the exotic jewel and spice-coloured hues of tented lounges and Moroccan themed decor.

Guu Izakaya on Church
Shout “Guu is Guuu’d!”
Shout “Kampai” (cheers) as you raise a glass
In fact shout just about anything because shouting and noise is the hallmark of the GUU brand’s energetic version of an authentic Japanese Pub (Izakaya)
Serving an eclectic selection of Japanese dishes and a wide selection of sake – try the plum varieties

> 3030 Dundas West
Slated to become one of Toronto’s next landmark venues this vast warehouse space houses a stellar dining and entertainment concept. Order your drink and/or your food – small plate tapas-style food freshly prepared from $5 a dish – then choose a board game or puzzle; play pinball on the vintage machines or watch VHS tapes playing on a “true vision” set. Fancy drawing something -knock yourself out!
Check the website for the many events (DJ/live music/quiz nights)


Over and Out


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