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The Source –

Let’s cut to the chase, the source is a round-up of all the venues, restaurants and activities that I have blogged about in the previous week, plus other tidbits, places visited/used/shopped in that didn’t get a starring role in their own blog. Phone numbers. Web-sites and addresses should all be there


School of Photography

I’ve been taking a Digital SLR 101 course here for the last 4 weeks, and last week topped that off – for now –  with a Photoshop 101, so that I can embellish my Blog with “protected” images to jazz it up a bit.

Peter Gatt who runs the school is an award winning professional photographer; he’s obviously extremely knowledgeable in all facets of photography, peppers his classes with all sorts of tips and advice gleaned from years of personal experience, and nothing is too much trouble. God knows I asked a host of dumb questions as I’m not the brightest star in the firmament when it comes to F stops, depth of field and aperture values. I had been reading all sorts of books and manuals and still didn’t “get it”. I was kinda looking for that one little piece of the jigsaw puzzle that would let it all hang together for me. From one of Peter’s clever little allegories re depth of field and aperture value, came the dawning of understanding. The penny has dropped: I am still slow and still have to think it through, but getting there.

His teaching style: professional, courteous with patience in bucketloads

465 Wilson Avenue                                                                                      North York, ON M3H 1T9                                                                             (416) 783-6359 See website for the range of classes and workshops

The school is currently in the process of moving so watch the website for more details

Association of Parent Support Groups in Ontario – APSGO

I’ve popped in a reference to this because it is something that I have come across very recently, is little known but of enormous value for anybody struggling in this area:

The groups meet weekly and in a variety of location in and around Toronto and beyondThey are open to any parent/guardian who wishes to attend. For information about location and meeting times contact 1-800-488-5666

APSGO is an organization of parents of disruptive youth. We have joined together to provide support and empower parents to deal with their situation. The organization provides weekly meetings, workshops and other resources to assist parents in acquiring the skills to help themselves and their children.


Cineplex Varsity Cinema

Manulife Centre, Floor 2, 55 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M4W1A5 – (416) 961-6304

One of the great things about this venue is that they have four VIP cinema lounges. And this is what they are, tiny little theatres- almost I imagine like private screening theatres – with huge partially reclining seats and little side tables and hostess service. The screens are quite small and seating is limited but it’s very comfortable and feels a little bit special – of course for a higher ticket price!. One of the nice things too about the Varsity location – apart from the fact that it’s so central is that they have a small lounge bar – as I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that serves limited alcohol and Far Coast coffee. They also have the usual cinema franchise culprits and also a YogenFruz – best fat-free, sugar-free fresh fruit frozen yogurt ever – try saying that when you’ve had a few!


Panorama Lounge

Nothing quite like a swanky cocktail bar 51 floors up in the Manulife Centre for sealing the deal after a movie like Sex and the City. – It’s conveniently right next door to the Varsity cinema complex which is on the second floor.

With a covered balcony on its south side, and the upholstered semicircular loungers overlooking the most spectacular view of Toronto, the CN Tower and the Lake, it is SO glamorous.

Whilst I have gone their in jeans or casual, it is one place you could certainly get away with wearing your best togs. Not as pricey as a lot of places nearby, cocktails are from about $11 upwards and they also serve tiny plates of tapas style appetizers and larger mains – never had a main here so cannot comment, but my priorities for this place are view, cocktail, ambience, food.

Panorama Lounge

55 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 967-0000


The Senator restaurant

Blogged under Gigs – “Two Hours back in 1973”

Good for theatres in Dundas/Yonge/Queen area. The Host always asks you which show you are going to see, so he can regulate the service accordingly and get you out in time.

249 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1V8
(416) 364-7517

Lunch: Mon-Fri 7.30am. – 2.30pm

               Sat-Sun 8.00am – 2.30pm

Dinner: Tues-Sat 5.00pm – 9.00pm


Massey Hall –

Genesis tribute band – The Musical Box – – Blogged fully – see Gigs – “Two Hours back in 1973”


Not done too much of this over last couple of weeks, but did buy a gorgeous blouse from my favourite boutique in the Holt Renfrew Centre which – because I work nearby and go to the gym there almost daily – is my regular stamping ground. I rarely buy anything in this store full price because it isn’t cheap, but the designs are gorgeous, flattering and edgy and just happen to suit me. 

Femme De Carriere

Concourse, The Holt Renfrew Centre -down in the lower level opposite the Holt Renfrew entrance.


The Geox sky high heels are available in Town Shoes and there is also a Geox shop in both the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale – expensive but worth every cushioned penny.

Geox also has a  Warehouse Sale a couple of times a year at EDENBRIDGE PLAZA
25 Fontenay Court
Etobicoke,  M9A 4W7
just south of Eglinton off of Scarlett Road